Bees Deluxe Swarm to the Cape

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Details of the Show
Date: Saturday, January 27th
Venue: Grumpy’s Pub, 29 Locust Street, Falmouth
Time: Live music starts at 9:30 pm
Bees Deluxe

FALMOUTH, Jan 27, 2024: Bees Deluxe, the groundbreaking British/Boston acid blues band, celebrates the release of their latest album, Hallucinate with a show at the Cape’s best music dive bar Grumpy’s Pub in Falmouth. This all-original album, is now available for purchase online and directly from the band’s official website, at live performances and on-line.

Fronted by British guitar guru, Conrad Warre, Bees Deluxe has built their reputation by rebelling against tradition— bending the blues genre and coloring outside the lines. Their sound is distinctive, highly musical and daringly improvisational. Hallucinate beckons listeners into a sonic realm where the boundaries of blues are pushed, prodded, and ultimately shattered. The album captivates with its intricate musicality and demands more than a mere passive encounter; it insists on being explored, experienced, and enjoyed.

Joseph Timmons of Indie Pulse Music echoes the sentiment, stating, “Hallucinate is one of those albums that come along very infrequently, a complete outline of musical genius, songs that have substance not only individually, but as an entire album, like one lone and complete song, no matter where you are in the album, it evolves and transforms into something grand and magical.”

Hallucinate is a testament to Bees Deluxe’s fearless exploration of the uncharted territories within the blues, both lyrically and melodically. The band fearlessly pushes the envelope, challenging the conventional boundaries of their instruments, their voices and the genre itself, to craft a musical experience that is as daring as it is extraordinary.

f0bb2054 a32e 8489 9b52 81cfac2bb77dIn the words of music critic John Porter from John’s Substack, “Hallucinate deserves multiple listenings in order to get all you can from the album. It is not meant to be played once and put away; it demands attention.” He further adds, “Bees Deluxe also demands attention. They’re not going to be to everyone’s taste, those that just want to put on an album with blistering guitars are not going to be satisfied with the intricate musicality of the group. But those who want to listen will find this to be a great trip to be on…

To celebrate the album release, Bees Deluxe is set to embark on a series of live performances that promise to transport audiences into the very heart of their musical universe. Catch them live at Grumpy’s in Falmouth, The Lizzie Rose Music Room in Tuckerton New Jersey, The Shrine World Music Venue in New York and Jamey’s House of Music in Pennsylvania as they tour the new album.

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