Braintree Firm Launches Local Leads 365

Local Leads 365, a software platform geared to homeowners, homebuyers and the real estate industry, was recently launched to help local service providers and merchants identify and reach potential customers more quickly.  Developed by Gibbs Software Solutions in Braintree,  the application can deliver real estate transaction data the day after closing, for any town in Massachusetts.

Additionally, the Local Leads 365 platform offers easy to customize templates for the merchant to entice the consumer via letters, post cards and flyers.  This activity can be seamlessly integrated into most Customer Relationship Management systems  (CRMs), said Denver Gibbs, founder of Gibbs Software and Local 365.

The software can search for data based on “triggers”, such as homes with acreage exceeding 20,000 square feet or home values in excess of $500,000.  This lets local service providers find and directly target specific customer types.

“We worked long and hard to create a platform that the small business owner or office manager could quickly adapt and use to generate new and lifelong customers,” said Gibbs. “We have already received tremendous response from oil dealers, landscapers, painters, roofers, plumbers, electricians, home security, handymen, flooring, furniture stores, dental offices, financial planners, insurance brokers and auto service.  The early adopters tell us that the platform is easy and fun to use and it instantly connects them with newcomers to the area in search of reliable resources.”

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of Americans that move every year equates to 14 percent of the population (about 40 million).

The average homeowner spent $9,081 last year on home services, according to HomeAdvisor, including $7,560 on home improvements and $1,105 on home maintenance.

For more information about Local Leads 365, visit or call 781-343-1932.