Cape Cod 5 Announces Recent Promotions

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Cape Cod 5 recently announced the promotions of several members of its team, representing several different areas of the bank: 

  • Melissa Farrell was promoted to Vice President, Director of Treasury Management 
  • Kim Howes was promoted to Vice President of Retail Services
  • Kelley Lauterhahn was promoted to Vice President, Senior Risk Operations Manager
  • Aisling Ross, Director of Talent Management, was promoted to Vice President 

“I am pleased to announce the promotion of these five strong female leaders, each of whom upholds our One Bank philosophy while working with their respective teams to support all areas of our organization,” said Matt Burke, CEO of Cape Cod 5. “They have each demonstrated their commitment to serving our mission and go above and beyond for our customers, communities and colleagues. We look forward to their continued efforts in their expanded roles.” 

CC5 Melissa Farrell
Melissa Farrell

Farrell joined the bank in 2018 and has served as Treasury Management Officer since 2019. In her expanded role, she will continue to assist Cape Cod 5 business customers in utilizing products and services to support their financial management and workforce and achieve their business goals.

Since joining Cape Cod 5 in 2016, Howes has coordinated department initiatives to meet the strategic objectives of the bank. In her new role, she will continue to play an instrumental role in the bank’s commitment to providing customers with convenient tools and services and trusted financial advice.  

CC5 Kim Howes
 Kim Howes

Lauterhahn, who joined the bank in 2021, has continually increased her responsibilities and serves as an important resource to members of the Risk Department.

Since joining the bank in 2012, Ross has been an important member of the Talent Management team, working with departments and individuals to support all employees and help meet the resource needs of the bank.

CC5 Aisling Ross
Aisling Ross
CC5 Kelley Lauterhahn
Kelley Lauterhahn