Cape Cod 5 Formally Ushers In New Leadership At Annual Meeting

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Cape Cod 5 held its Annual Meeting of the Board of Corporators on May 18, and ushered in a new chapter in its history with the swearing in of Matthew Burke as the bank’s new CEO and Robert Talerman as its president.

During the meeting, management highlighted the significant efforts that the community bank and its employees undertook in 2021 to continue enhancing its ability to meet customers’ needs, evolving its technological conveniences, and advancing its support for the communities served. Management cited collaboration by the bank’s dedicated employees, prudent financial management and innovative investments for the future as factors leading to its historic financial results.

Following the formal Corporators’ meeting, Executive Chair Dorothy Savarese swore in Burke and Talerman.

CC5 Dorothy Savarese Matt Burke Bert Talerman
Bert Talerman, President; Dorothy Savarese, Executive Chair of the Board; and Matt Burke, CEO of Cape Cod 5.

“I have always considered my role as that of a steward of Cape Cod 5 and am so pleased to be able to hand off my leadership role of this organization to a team that takes that responsibility as seriously and sees it in the same way,” said Savarese in her remarks during the meeting. “I know that Matt will bring his incredible leadership skills and his desire to serve our customers, our community members and our employees to lead the Bank to a strong future.”

“It is an honor to carry on leadership of this values-based community bank, and I am so appreciative to Dorothy and the Board for this opportunity,” said Burke. “I look forward to working with Bert, Executive Management and our wonderful team of talented employees to continue evolving Cape Cod 5 so that we are able to help our customers achieve their financial goals and support the health and vitality of the communities we serve for many years to come.”

The following new Corporators were elected: Lisa C. Guyon, Eileen Leary, Richard J. Leonard, Paulo Vitor P. Paraguay, Diana C. Pisciotta, Melanie M. Rabeni and David T. Robinson. In addition, new Trustees/Directors were elected to the Board: Matthew S. Burke, Robert A. Talerman, Jane M. Coderre, Darren J. Donovan, Melissa D. Philbrick, Tammy A. Saben and Denise M. Toomey.

During the remarks, management acknowledged the recognition that the bank has received nationally and locally for its award-winning workplace culture, and credited that culture for enabling its many strategic and financial accomplishments, including: Cape Cod 5’s record earnings for the sixth consecutive year with net income of $47.6 million; total asset growth of 8 percent to $4.6 billion; the bank maintaining #1 mortgage market share position within its geographical footprint; Cape Cod 5 continuing the be a leading commercial lender, assisting more businesses in our area with PPP loans and forgiveness than any other local lender; total deposits exceeding $4 billion for the first time; increase in total wealth assets serviced to $1.9 billion, the largest of any bank trust and asset management firm on the Cape and Islands; and more than $1.6 million in philanthropy given to community organizations from the bank and its foundation.