Cape Cod Chamber CEO Appointed to Governor’s Transportation Funding Task Force

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Boston, MA: Chief Executive Officer of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, Paul Niedzwiecki, was sworn in on Thursday, February 29 as a member of the Healey-Driscoll Administration’s newly formed Transportation Funding Task Force. As a member of the Task Force, Niedzwiecki will provide important representation for Cape Cod as the region faces one of the biggest transportation infrastructure projects in its history: replacement of the functionally obsolete Sagamore and Bourne Bridges.

The Transportation Funding Task Force, established by the Governor through an Executive Order in January of this year, is charged with identifying a long-term, sustainable funding plan that will address statewide needs for safe, reliable, and equitable transportation. The Task Force is comprised of approximately 30 members, including Secretaries from the Executive Offices of Economic Development, Labor and Workforce Development, Energy and Environmental Affairs, Housing and Livable Communities, and representatives from select Chambers of Commerce and organizations around the state.

In a press release issued by the Governor’s Office late Thursday, Governor Maura Healey said, “It’s clear that if we are going to grow our economy and meet our climate goals, we need a plan for sustainable, long-term funding for our transportation system. I’m grateful for the leadership of [Transportation]

Secretary Tibbits-Nutt and the talented group of public and private sector leaders who are taking on this challenge.”

The Healey-Driscoll Administration has been successful in securing unprecedented levels of federal funding for transportation infrastructure projects, including $372 million awarded in December 2023 to rebuild the Sagamore Bridge. However, a multi-billion-dollar gap remains to fund the estimated $4.54 billion price tag for replacement of both bridges. Together, the Sagamore and Bourne Bridges serve as a critical transportation system for Cape Cod and a lifeline for the region’s 230,000 year-round residents, more than 8,000 businesses, and nearly 6 million annual visitors.

“Uncertainty around replacement funding for the Bourne bridge, and the increasing need for bridge maintenance in the interim, has already resulted in tangible impacts for Cape Cod’s economy. The condition of these two bridges affects everything, from the cost of doing business, to workforce development, to the quality of life in our region,” said Paul Niedzwiecki, CEO of the Cape Cod Chamber. “I’m honored to serve on the Transportation Funding Task Force and look forward to working with my fellow task force members and the Healey- Driscoll Administration to ensure Cape Cod’s transportation needs are strongly considered as part of this planning process.”


About the Governor’s Transportation Funding Task Force

The Transportation Funding Task Force is charged with developing recommendations for a long-term, sustainable transportation finance plan for Massachusetts. The recommendations will address the need for a safe, reliable, equitable and efficient transportation network, including roadways, bridges, railways, and bus and transit systems. The Task Force will provide a final written report to the Governor detailing their findings and recommendations by the end of 2024. A press release from the Governor’s Office and a full list of members for the Transportation Funding Task Force can be found here.