Cape Cod Chamber Meeting Leads to Formation of Shark Information Network

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CENTERVILLE, MA (April 5, 2019) – An informal meeting convened by the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce to discuss the impact of sharks on the region’s beaches and the need to share information about what is being done to address the public safety concerns of residents and visitors was held today in Centerville at the Chamber’s headquarters. The roundtable discussion elicited various perspectives and assessed ways for the region to continue adapting to the recovering seal and shark population.
The meeting was attended by cross-section of Cape Cod’s business and science community along with representatives from town, state, county, and Federal entities. Also in attendance were representatives from the Massachusetts and New England destination marketing organizations. All members present agreed to continue to work together.
“Today’s meeting advanced ongoing communication and public education plans to promote the safety of everyone who enjoys Cape Cod’s beaches,” said State Senator Julian Cyr (D-Truro). “In advance of the upcoming summer season, it is vital that we all provide consistent, science-based information for all who visit our shores. I am encouraged by the agreement to work together.”
“People need to know more detail about the extensive work of the outer-Cape towns to imbed new technology safety protocols at their beaches”, said State Representative Sarah Peake, (D) Provincetown. “And while we are doing great research on our wild creatures, we could use more research on visitor habits and how they interact with wild places such as our National Seashore, one of the country’s pre-eminent National Parks.”
Chamber CEO, Wendy Northcross noted that additional ideas being pursued include a training video for front-line staff on public safety tips, centralized FAQs with widespread sharing on social media platforms, and communication channels that can react quickly to changing information. Increasing the number of organizations and businesses that can share information will be the first priority.
A subcommittee of today’s attendees agreed to meet and shape a more defined plan with defined audiences, communication tactics and implementation target dates, to facilitate funding requests to fully fund the plan.

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