Cape Cod Chamber releases Blue Economy plan, announces new foundation

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The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce has released its Blue Economy Project implementation plan, and created the Cape Cod Blue Economy Foundation, a 501(c)(3) corporation, to support the project’s future initiatives. The announcement came as part of an update provided during the 2017 Cape Coastal Conference.
“We are very excited about the community interest the Blue Economy has garnered over the past year”, said Kenneth Smith, Chamber board chairman. “The ties between our environment and our economic health are undeniable.”
“Leveraging coastal resources as our greatest asset in a responsible way will help bolster our existing economy and bring new opportunities to the region,” stated Chamber CEO Wendy Northcross, “At the same time, we’ll be working to protect this place that we all love, by nurturing industries related to clean water, renewable energy and sustainable business practices.”
Program Manager Leslie-Ann McGee provided a recap of the year’s progress to this year’s Cape Coastal conference attendees, debuted the release of a new video to help promote the blue economy, and discussed some of the future initiatives the project plans to launch.
“We’ve spent the past year listening to residents, businesses, students, officials and everyone in between to socialize this idea. We really see this as a new regional identity”, said McGee. “Love for the region, its environment and water resources are a common binding interest that can be used as a fulcrum to grow the blue economy here.”
The Blue Economy Project is a regional initiative led by the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, engaging stakeholders to sustain a maritime-focused economy on Cape Cod, the islands and southeastern MA. Building on existing sustainable tourism development, world class marine research, and land use planning dedicated to preserving our environment and quality of life, the initiative also aims for full inclusion with existing economic efforts in the region.
Funded in 2016 by the Massachusetts Seaport Council with a 15-month planning grant, the Project is spearheaded by the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Cape Cod Commission, and has a geographic range that includes Cape Cod proper, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket and southern Plymouth County.

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