Cape Cod Chamber Unveils New Destination Branding

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Cape Cod, MA: The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, the official destination marketing organization for Cape Cod, unveiled its new tourism brand to local and regional hospitality leaders and partners on February 28th at the Pelham House Resort in Dennis Port.

This is the first substantial branding update the organization has introduced in more than two decades. Paul Niedzwiecki, CEO of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, said the post-pandemic resurgence in travel and tourism made this an ideal time for the Cape Cod brand to undergo a destination makeover. The branding update was made possible through federal ARPA funds that were awarded to the Cape Cod Chamber for COVID-19 recovery of the Commonwealth’s tourism industry.

“People from all over the world are drawn to Cape Cod,” said Paul Niedzwiecki, CEO of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce. “There are the obvious reasons for that – our iconic natural environment, our rich culture. But the magic of Cape Cod lies in something even deeper: It’s personal. We wanted to update our destination marketing to capture that deeply personal nature of a Cape Cod visit – how everyone’s unique experience here, and the warmth of those memories, is what keeps them coming back.”

The Cape Cod Chamber engaged Boston-based marketing agency Fuseideas to oversee the rebranding exercise, a nine-month endeavor that combined traveler sentiment research and stakeholder and visitor interviews, along with insight and feedback from the Chamber’s staff, board members and tourism marketing committee.

The end result is the Chamber’s new destination brand identity: “Cape Cod: Truly Yours,” which centers on honoring old traditions, and discovering new ones. The logo comprises 15 organic lines, representing each town on the Cape, encircled to form a thumbprint-like image.

“The mission of the new brand is to ensure that the Cape Cod experience is evolving to meet the needs of our various modern audiences, while maintaining the charm and nostalgia that makes the Cape so distinctive and special,” said Kristen Mitchell Hughes, the Chamber’s VP of Tourism Marketing.

“A visit to the Cape is as unique as an individual thumbprint,” said Niedzwiecki. “Whether it’s your first time here, or your visits to Cape Cod are a time-honored tradition, you’ll find something here for you. It might be something old, or something new – either way, it will be an experience you can make all your own, and one that will leave an indelible mark that feels truly personal, truly remarkable, and truly yours.”

The new brand will guide the extensive re-design of the Cape Cod Chamber’s travel website, which is scheduled to go live in July. It will also be reflected in the Chamber’s award-winning Cape Cod Travel Guide magazine and its spring marketing campaign, which includes a mix of digital, print, TV and outdoor advertising in target markets.

The Cape Cod Brand Anthem video can be found here:

In calendar year 2022, direct domestic tourism spending in Barnstable County was $1.4 billion, an increase of 2.9% over 2021. These tourism expenditures supported 10,100 travel-related jobs (+4.8% vs. 2021) and $378 million in wages (+8% vs. 2021), while generating $181.1 million in state and local taxes (exceeding 2021 levels by 13%). On average, day trip guests to Cape Cod spend $200 per travel party per day, and overnight guests spend about $800 per travel party per trip.