Cape Cod Foundation Allocates State Funding For Pandemic Relief

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The Cape Cod Foundation recently allocated the next wave of funding totaling $1,246,509 from two state programs to support qualifying nonprofit organizations providing programs and services to vulnerable Cape Cod populations impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

From 2021-2022, the Foundation received a total of $2,680,730 from the Community Foundations Grant Program from the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development and a Community Development Block Grant from the Department of Housing and Community Development.  This funding brought additional resources to Cape Cod to support programs that address food security and to provide direct financial support for basic human needs, including childcare, housing/shelter, transportation, technology for remote work/school, food security, utilities, and healthcare to residents in need through grants to nonprofit organizations.

To date, the Foundation has raised $5.67 million and allocated $4.23 million to more than 70 nonprofits through its Strategic Emergency Response Fund, established in 2020 at the onset of the pandemic. In addition to funds from government programs, the Foundation received donations from private foundations, corporate partners, and individual donors for pandemic relief.  Funding also helped nonprofits stabilize and pivot during the pandemic and implement capacity-building projects to take them to the next level of operational, programatical, financial or organizational maturity.

“We are now accepting applications for the next cycle of our Targeted Capacity-Building Program to help strengthen nonprofit organizations serving diverse sectors of the Cape Cod Community,” said Kristin O’Malley, President and CEO of The Cape Cod Foundation.  “These grants give nonprofits that are poised for growth funding for larger initiatives. Participants also become part of a peer learning network to promote relationships, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among organizations and to build a greater community of support.”

The application deadline for this program is April 13.  Information is available at

O’Malley said the Foundation continues to actively build flexible resources to support all aspects of community life.

“While we are keenly focused on fundraising for the Foundation’s new Women and Girls Fund, we are also working to build other discretionary funds that support nonprofit organizations focused on housing initiatives, environmental protection and conservation, health and human services, youth development programs, and the care of wildlife and domestic animals.”

O’Malley said that individuals can donate to these funds to expand impact.

“There’s strength in numbers,” she said.  “The Foundation was built upon the principle of collective giving, providing individuals a way to pool resources to strategically drive social change. What we have accomplished during the pandemic illustrates the impact we can have when working together.”

To learn more about the Foundation’s funds or grant programs,  or to make a donation, visit or contact Kristin O’Malley at 508.790.3040 or