Cape Cod Technology Council To Host Indoor Air Quality Summit

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While face masks, hygiene and social distancing have been at the forefront of limiting the spread of COVID-19, improving indoor air quality hasn’t received the attention it deserves as another preventative measure to keeping us safe.

Join the Cape Cod Technology Council Friday, Feb. 19, from 9 to 11 a.m. for a free Indoor Air Quality Summit. The summit will not only highlight the benefits of proper air quality in limiting the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19, but address other irritants such as mold and other allergens.

“Air can make us sick or keep us healthy and keep us productive,” said retired U.S. Air Force Colonel and
public health expert Dr. Jane Ward of Centerville. “Besides wearing masks and maintaining your personal
hygiene, air quality is critical to your personal safety. The more people can do to take care of their indoor
environment, the safer they will be, not just from the pandemic, but overall.”

Next week’s event will feature Dr. Stephanie Taylor, the CEO of Taylor Healthcare Commissioning in
Stowe, Vermont,  a global expert on air quality in the built environment; and Scott Ellis of Falmouth, product marketing manager at Onset Computer Corporation in Bourne.

Taylor will focus on why people should be concerned about improving air quality and practical ways
to do just that through upgrades in filters, ventilation, proper indoor humidity, air purifiers and HVAC
systems. Ellis will talk about ways homeowners and businesses can measure the impact of these upgrades
by using the types of air quality monitors his company manufactures.

Both business owners and homeowners are encouraged to participate in next week’s summit. To register,