Cape Cod Technology Council To Recognize Businesses, Students, Individuals With Awards

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For the first time in its history, the Cape Cod Technology Council’s Annual Meeting will feature several awards recognizing businesses, students, and a leading environmentalist for the meaningful difference they are making in our region.

“There are so many companies and people doing important work in advancing technology and protecting our environment that deserve to be recognized,” said Technology Council Executive Director Steve Smith. “Often, they are doing this work under the radar. We hope these awards will place a bright spotlight on the impact being made by these recipients and inspire others to find ways they can do their part to embrace technology as a catalyst for positive change in our community.”

The Tech Council’s Annual Meeting & Awards Dinner is being held on Wednesday, May 31, from 5:30 from 9 p.m. at The Club at New Seabury.

One of this year’s honors, the Bert Jackson Award, has special significance as it pays tribute to a central figure in the Tech Council’s history. Bert Jackson joined the Council’s board in 2009, serving as its president for nearly eight years. In 2018, he was named the Council’s first-ever CEO, and served in that capacity until the beginning of this year when he moved to Hawaii with his husband Wil Rhymer.

“Bert has done so much for the Cape on so many different levels. This award focuses on his passion for technology, his inclusiveness, and his love of the Cape,” Smith said. “Bert has been instrumental in keeping our organization going and making it what it is today. We wanted to acknowledge and honor Bert’s contributions with an overall excellence award that epitomizes all that he represents.”

The first-ever recipient of the Bert Jackson Award is Richard Delaney of Orleans, who was named the interim executive director for the Center for Coastal Studies last month. Delaney had retired as president and CEO of the Provincetown-based nonprofit in January 2022, a post he held for 14 years.

Additional honorees at this year’s Tech Council Annual Meeting include Cape Air which is receiving the 2023 Sustainability Award; Eversource which is receiving a 2023 Technology Award; and Cape Light Compact which is receiving a 2023 Technology Award.

The final two awards are going to Cape Cod Community College students John Hughes of West Plymouth, and Chris Jennette of South Carolina.

“I could not find two more humble, kindhearted, intelligent men who have a passion for IT and represent what a community college education can do to move a person forward in their career,” said the college’s IT Coordinator Andrea Lyons-Marcotte.

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