Toolbox: Build Environmental Stewardship Into Your Business

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At Cape Cod 5, we are committed to being thoughtful stewards of the environment in all aspects of our business – from the services we offer to the investments we make, from the materials we use in updating our Banking Centers to our community engagement efforts, and everything in between. We’re dedicated to helping other businesses in our region understand the myriad ways they, too, can make decisions that are both financially- and environmentally-friendly. 

Here are some ways to consider “going green” in your own business: 

  • Research programs available to help your business go green more affordably 

Utilize resources such as Mass Save that offer no-cost energy assessments for businesses, as well as financing options and assistance to help offset the cost of energy efficiency upgrades. 

  • Utilize green energy sources 

Solar is a powerful energy source for businesses and homes alike that can meaningfully reduce electricity bills and carbon emissions.  

Consider an electric vehicle when searching for a new car, truck or van for yourself or your company. 

  • Go paperless – adopt technology systems to eliminate the need for printed material 

Offer and support direct deposit for your employees’ payroll to reduce the amount of paper needed for paychecks. This has additional benefits, including increased security and business efficiencies. More information can be found on Cape Cod 5’s website. 

Think before you print! With the technology options available today, reevaluate the need for printed materials in your workplace. Can company-wide memos be sent electronically? Can meeting materials be shared and viewed from a computer or mobile device? Can records be retained digitally rather than in physical form? Can you offer your customers the option of not taking a printed receipt after a transaction? Can invoices be produced and paid electronically? 

  • Recycle and minimize waste

Adopt a recycling policy at your business by providing designated bins for recyclable items. Many local waste management companies have programs and resources to assist with getting started.  

Encourage your employees to utilize reusable coffee mugs and water bottles, reducing the need for single-use items and therefore the amount of waste that is produced at your workplace. 

  • Consider environmentally friendly investments 

Explore ways to put your money to work, such as with municipal solar array tax credits or socially responsible investment funds. 

  • Advocate for infrastructure to support our fragile environment 

Use your voice! Contact your local, state and federal legislators to advocate for infrastructure that will help build long-term resilience. 

  • Encourage employees to think green, as well 

Educate your staff about the simple and easy ways they can individually contribute to a more “green” workplace – and be more environmentally conscious in their personal lives. This can include small, everyday choices like using online services to pay bills, opting to receive eStatements, eBills or eSubscriptions in lieu of paper mail, choosing reusable items over single-use, and recycling at home – just to name a few – to more significant options like exploring solar energy for their homes.  

Provide resources that support your employees’ environmentally friendly decisions, such as water-filling stations in place of vending machines and electric car charging stations at your business. There are both Massachusetts state and federal incentives related to electric vehicle and charger purchases. 

We can all make conscious decisions – big and small – in our personal and business lives that can help to reduce our impact on the environment and support the sustainability of our communities. The future resiliency of our region depends on it! 


Dorothy Savarese is Chair and CEO of Cape Cod 5.