CARE Day Proposals Sought From Lower, Outer Cape Area Tourism Nonprofits

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CARE for Cape and the Islands is currently seeking proposals for this year’s CARE Day, an event that fosters an opportunity for local businesses to help a local nonprofit with repairs or maintenance to its property.

Each year CARE for the Cape & Islands invites volunteers from the business community to participate in a half-day of service and education benefiting a local nonprofit. This year’s CARE Day will be held in late October.

CARE Day’s purpose is two-fold: to benefit a local nonprofit tourism attraction through hands-on volunteer service that helps repair or improve its infrastructure while also offering participants an opportunity to learn more about CARE, its impact, and how one might support its efforts.

“CARE Day provides assistance and attention to a deserving local, nonprofit. Participants feel a sense of accomplishment and often remark that they have not visited the site before but will return again,” said Director of CARE for the Cape and Islands Jill Talladay.

This year’s event is targeted to the Lower or Outer Cape area, however, other locations will be considered. Previous CARE Days took place at Cape Wildlife Center, Waquoit Bay Reserve, Marconi Maritime Center, Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, Nobska Light, and Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary. Volunteers assisted with various activities, including painting, staining, gardening, and trail maintenance throughout the morning. The events conclude with a presentation from the current year grant recipients, a tour of the facility and lunch.

Requirements to host this event include:

  • The organization and location must be a non-profit in need of repairs.
  • Organization will provide a predetermined project list to the CARE staff – submitted with bid.
  • Organization will help to promote the event through their database – social media, email.
  • Post event, the organization will promote the work that was completed to promote CARE for the Cape & Islands and its volunteers.

The deadline to apply is June 1, 2021.  Additional details, the requirements and an application can be found here.

Interested parties should send any CARE Day questions toJill Talladay or contact her by telephone to discuss at 508-760-8187.