Carver Company Launches Municipal Services Division

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AdamsComm, Inc. of Carver, providers of cloud, VOIP and traditional telephone systems, recently launched a municipal services division to better serve cities and towns in Massachusetts, with a featured service being call centers for town and municipal meetings.
“We’ve always had the capacity to help municipalities with phone systems etc. The pandemic brought on a new challenge, conducting virtual town meetings,” said John Adams, president of AdamsComm, Inc. “The Town of Plymouth, led by PAC-TV, formed a committee of volunteers to brainstorm how to efficiently conduct a virtual town meeting on Zoom. The committee reached out to us about creating a call center and a new niche/division was born.”
Using a cloud-based VOIP platform, AdamsComm created a call center enabling those assigned to the Town Meeting Help Desk to manage incoming calls using whatever device was available to them. The Help Desk representatives could even take calls from their homes. The call center was quickly established and, as a result, the first day of Plymouth’s Town Meeting was the most attended in the last 10 years, Adams said.
Adamscomm also provided the town with statistical reports detailing how effectively the Help Desk calls were handled.
For more information on the municipal services division and AdamsComm’s services, call 508-866-4086 or visit

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