Chatham Marconi Maritime Center Board Elects Officers, Directors

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Chatham Marconi Maritime Center announced its slate of 2022 officers and directors at its recent annual business meeting.

New officers Capt. James J. Fitzpatrick, Elise L. Gordon and Jeffrey M. Gordon were named to the board.  Directors re-elected to continue their service on the board were Charles J. Bartlett, John D. Cotnam, Carolyn M. Cragin, Elizabeth J. McCarte and Leslie E. Schneeberger.  Elected as officers of the center were Robert E. Fishback, President; Carolyn M. Cragin, Vice President; David M. Smith, Secretary/Clerk and Julie C. Durney, Treasurer. 

The officers commended retiring directors D. Read Moffett and Carla W. Blanchard for their service.

Founded in 2002, the Chatham Marconi Maritime Center is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to celebrate the rich history of 20th Century maritime radio and explore the innovative advances in science and technology that continue to transform our lives.  

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