DeLude Communications Merges with Tidal Marketing

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DeLude Communications has announced a merger with  Tidal Marketing, forming a partnership aimed at delivering high-end marketing and communications services to local Cape Cod businesses and beyond.

The team will offer a comprehensive suite of services that includes strategic marketing, social media management, digital marketing, public relations and more.

DeLude Communications merger
Shawn DeLude, Shayna Ferullo, Courtney Wittenstein and Kara Boule.

“Having worked for many years with a vast majority of businesses on the Cape and South Shore, we remain dedicated to our mission in exceeding customer expectations, providing proactive solutions, while remaining intimately involved in our communities,” said Shawn DeLude, president. “Our ‘whole team’ approach sets us apart from our competition. We are knowledgeable of the local community culture with the latest technologies and trends at our disposal. Bringing Tidal Marketing on board is a win-win for all our existing and potential clients. Do what you do best and let us do the rest!”

Shawn began DeLude Communications one year ago with CFO Dan Kellogg and COO Kara Boulé. Their hands-on approach to strategic growth and solutions-driven marketing work has landed the company a strong reputation for helping build and maintain local brand recognition. With the addition of the team at Tidal Marketing, a dynamic force in creative and digital marketing, DeLude Communications will be able to deliver robust and well-rounded solutions for clients seeking integrated marketing strategies that span traditional and digital channels.

Courtney Wittenstein of Harwich and Shayna Ferullo of Brewster opened Tidal Marketing in 2018. They have served more than 100 clients all over the country, but their primary focus has been enhancing local businesses’ marketing plans. Tidal Marketing’s team members Meagen Colon and Madeline Kavanagh both of Harwich, will be joining DeLude Communications as well.

“We are thrilled about the opportunities that this merger presents for our clients and our team,” said Wittenstein. “We love the relationships we have with our current clients, and we’re excited to help them grow even more. By combining our strengths, we can offer a more holistic and impactful approach to marketing and communications, ensuring that our clients not only reach their target audiences but engage them in meaningful ways.”

All business will be conducted under DeLude Communications, operating at DeLude Communications’ office at 29 West Road in Orleans. For more information, visit or contact Kara Boulé at