Eastern Medicine Offers Treatments To South Shore Hospital Workers

Eastern Medicine Responds!  an acupuncture therapy program, is  providing holistic health care at no cost to hospital workers dealing with the extreme stress of working on the frontlines during this COVID-19 pandemic. The services will include stress, fatigue, anxiety, pain and insomnia relief to the frontline hospital workers and their support staff.  

 “These frontline health workers are experiencing the worst of the pandemic on a daily basis and putting their own lives at risk while trying to cope with the enormous stress of it all.  We are answering the call, “Who will heal the healers?” said Gina Girouard Lic.Ac., president of Eastern Medicine Responds!

 Girouard, along with Jimmy Chung Duong, a licensed acupuncturist from ofNew England Wellness Solutions in Hanover, has organized a six-week pop up clinic within walking distance from South Shore Health hospital.

“Jimmy and I are both graduates of MCPHS University and clinical directors/acupuncture therapists in clinics on the South Shore.” Girouard said. “We chose to focus on South Shore Health Systems [Weymouth] as Jimmy has been a champion of the hospital for years and is a Member at Large and board member (pediatric branch) of Friends of South Shore Health as well.” 

“We have the capability of providing over 700 treatments in six weeks and the response has been very positive,” Girouard said.

The business is seeking a full-time temporary space until they are able to open inside the hospital this fall.South Shore Health frontline workers can contact Gina Girouard to book appointments: gina@AcuForHealing.com

 A Go Fund Me campaign has been established to defray expenses as Eastern Medicine Responds! continues to care for frontline health workers at South Shore Health.