Elevate Counseling Announces New Group Counseling Session

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Elevate Counseling Services , with locations in South Easton, Lakeville, Raynham and Bellingham, will soon launch a group counseling session for people in remission from alcohol and addiction abuse.

“One More Day at a Time!” will be an open-ended group that will run for 12 weeks, and will include guided mediation, cognitive strategies, discussion – and homework. The group is open to anyone age 21 or older and will be conducted virtually over teleconferencing, at least through the end of 2021.

“This is a group for people who have had a problem with alcohol and have been able to ‘put it down’ for brief periods of time or even longer,” said Leigh-Ann Larson, CEO. “But, for someone considering even though people may have been able to put it down, they are still not feeling quite like themselves. They may still be craving or thinking about drinking. The group will help do a deep dive into the thinking that does that. We will explore the habit brain, the conscious brain and provide tools to help people make better choices for themselves.”

The group will be facilitated by  Larson, who has considerable experience in addiction and recovery counseling.

For additional information visit http://elevate-counseling.com, or call 508-202-1811.