FalmouthNet, Tilson Sign Agreement For Falmouth Internet Access Network

FalmouthNet Inc. and Tilson have announced the signing of a contract under which Tilson would generate an engineering design for the state-of-the-art fiber optic Internet access network envisioned by FalmouthNet.

This network would serve every home and business in Falmouth with reliable, affordable, upgradeable Internet connections.

Work on the engineering design begins immediately. The final report, due on Jan. 21, 2022, would provide sufficient detail to apply for such federal and state funds that may be available for network construction in 2022, to approach private lenders and investors as necessary, to inform Falmouth Town Meeting should it be desirable to fund (or partially fund) the project with a municipal bond, and to enter into negotiations with potential construction partners.

The engineering design includes a fiber routing plan, an assessment of available technologies, an assessment of construction methodologies, generation of an equipmentlist, field work to validate construction parameters, and a detailed construction cost estimate.

This work is financed by the current Massachusetts budget.

“This is a big step towards the network we want,” said Courtney Bird, president of FalmouthNet Inc. “We look forward to a productive partnership with Tilson.”

Joshua Broder, Tilson’s CEO, added that “Tilson is thrilled to support FalmouthNet on this project. Designing a world-class fiber optic network that will deliver fast, reliable connectivity to residents, businesses, and students in Falmouth is a direct reflection of our mission.”

FalmouthNet is a non-profit corporation with federal 501(c)(3) status and an all-volunteer board and management. It was formed in 2020 to promote, plan and guide the financing, construction, marketing and operation of a reliable, affordable, locally directed, state-of-the-art Internet access network capable of serving all residents, businesses, non-profit and government entities in the town of Falmouth, for the benefit of the citizens of Falmouth. For more information visit: http://www.falmouthnet.org