Family Eyecare Solutions Launches Educational Website For Parents 

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Family Eyecare Solutions, an optometry practice in Hanover specializing in vision therapy, myopia control, and post-concussion vision syndrome and led by Development Optometrist Laura Vasilakos, OD, FCOVD, if offering parents an educational website that includes problem assessments and symptom checklists.

The website includes educational videos, an eyecare coordination problem assessment, a vision symptom checklist, and a test for hidden vision problems in children.

Vasilakos founded Family Eyecare Solutions in 2018, after recognizing a need to address these types of vision issues and a lack of providers who provided services that work to deal with these problems.

Family Eyecare Solutions offers a range of services, including developmental vision evaluations, visual information processing evaluations, evaluations for vision problems after a concussion, and myopia control options (to slow nearsightedness from getting worse) such as Ortho-K corneal reshaping contact lenses, multifocal soft contact lenses, and medicated eye drops.  She also is an Infant See provider, offering complementary vision assessments for babies ages 6-12 months.

A former teacher, Vasilakos recognizes how vision problems can affect an individual’s ability to read, learn, and comprehend.  While one in four children might suffer from double-vision (despite having 20/20 vision), many end up being misdiagnosed as having ADHD or a similar condition.  She also works with children and adults to help provide therapies to avoid strabismus surgery and provide alternatives to patching for “lazy eye.”

“Education and early intervention are the keys to assisting children before problems affect their development and success in the classroom,” said Vasilakos.  “We are helping children who might be struggling with reading or staying focused because of a vision problem as opposed to an attention deficit. Many vision problems go undiagnosed and our mission is to educate people and offer them real solutions that can impact and improve their quality of life.”