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Are you looking to grow your blog readership? 

You may have a steady readership already, but you’d like for it to continue to grow. After all, the more readers you have, the greater chance you have for success. You get to share your passion with your readers and make money along the way. 

If you’re ready to take the following steps to improve your blog readership, you’re going to love the tips below! So let’s get started: 


1. Build a Loyal Following 

Getting a large readership means you need to care about your readers. It’s all about forming a relationship with them. 

Forming relationships with your readers won’t happen overnight. Responding to comments will help speed things along, though. Any questions and comments shouldn’t go unanswered. Make a habit of replying to them at least once a day. 

If you push out your blog post via an email newsletter, don’t forget to respond to emails as well. Emailing a subscriber back is another way to show you care. 

2. Write Content That’s Relevant 

Is your content relevant? 

Write about topics that will most interest your audience. It sounds easy enough, but you may find yourself missing the mark at times.

It would help if you wrote about relevant topics that focus on your audience. Whatever topic you select should always fall within the parameters of your niche. If it doesn’t, you’ll have a more challenging time retaining readers. 

Instead, come up with enticing articles that make visitors want to stick around and read more! 

3. Create High-Quality Content 

Besides covering relevant topics, it’s also wise to create high-quality content. Think of quality content as a way to help people learn and gain good insight. 

Ideally, it’d be nice if it ranks well in the search engines. But that should never be your sole intent of writing articles. 

Keeping things original, entertaining, and buzz-worthy should be the goal. All these things will keep readers coming back for more.

4. Provide Answers to Questions

Your audience may actively ask you questions, whether it’s on your site or social media. 

Based on the type of questions they ask, cover these topics by providing well-thought-out answers. 

Always remember that you’re the expert. So act like it and thoughtfully respond. It’s alright if you don’t always get it correct — even the most skilled experts don’t always respond perfectly. 

Do your research and your best when writing about a topic. If someone corrects you along the way, it’ll help you improve your skill set. Learning from others is an excellent tool, so use it! 

5. Write More Often 

One of the easiest ways to get more readers is by writing more often. 

More people are likely to come across your articles because your content is always fresh. 

Continue to write content that’s compelling and unique, though. It’s best not to write for the sake of pushing out more content. It could backfire, and you may quickly lose the interest of your readers.

That would be frustrating, considering how much work you’ve been putting into blog growth!

6. Choose a Mobile-Friendly Site

Having a mobile-friendly website is a must. 

When you designed your blog, did you check to see if it was mobile responsive? 

Even if it was, it doesn’t hurt to check and see if there are any bugs. 

The majority of people use their smartphones to browse the internet nowadays. It’ll be hard to gain readers if it’s hard to read articles and activate links. 

Browse your site using both an Android and Apple phone to make sure it checks out. It’s good to look at your site on tablets and other devices as well. 

7. Use Lists and Subheadings 

The more you can break up content, the better. 

Large paragraphs tend to scare people away, and it’s vital to keep them around! That doesn’t mean you can’t have a long article. But it would be best if you broke it up. 

Make your content scannable and easy to read. Creating lists and having enough sub-headings can help you accomplish this. 


If there are older articles that have long paragraphs, you can always go back and update things. Making an effort to improve your blog will lead to great things! 

8. Get More Email Subscribers 

Use your blog to your advantage and collect email subscribers.

Page takeovers, interstitials, sliders, and bars are a few ways to get more people to subscribe. 

It’s best not to bombard people with pop-ups. It can be annoying when they’re trying to read an article. Having a page takeover that prompts someone to subscribe is a good idea, though. 

It’s wise to keep people around but work on finding a balance. 

9. Make Your Content Easy to Share 

The easier your content is to share, the more likely you’ll get visitors to your site. 

Having a visible sharing button on your blog makes it simple for a reader to click and share your post. If they like it, they can easily tell their friends to check it out on Facebook or Twitter! 

Besides having a share button on your site, include a link to your most recent post on Instagram. It’ll take extra work to update your profile link every time you write an article, but it can make a difference. 

The more ways you can get people to share and engage with your content, the better results you’ll get. 


Taking your site to new heights may take a while, but it’s time well spent. 

Continue to think of ways to grow your blog readership. You can always join a few groups on Facebook and talk with other professionals in your industry.

Even if your site doesn’t perform as well as you’d hoped, don’t give up. Like all things, growing readership takes time. 

Believe in yourself and your site, and good things will come your way!


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