Freedom Boat Club Comes To Provincetown

Freedom Boat Club announces the opening of a new members-only boat-sharing franchise in Provincetown.

Matt Carrick and Matt O’Connor, franchise owners and operators, ows 13 other Freedom Boat Clubs in Massachusetts. The concept allows members to enjoy the boating lifestyle without the hassles and high costs of owing a boat. Founded in 1989 in Sarasota, Fla., the nation’s largest members-only boat club pays for docking, storage, insurance, maintenance, training and cleaning. Members pay for the cost of fuel they use.

“Massachusetts, and Cape Cod in particular, is a great boating state where members have enjoyed unlimited access to over 170 boats from Beverly to Chatham. Now, our reach will extend as far as P-town,” said Carrick. “Members get all the benefits of boat ownership without having to worry about the hassles and high costs of owning a boat,” Carrick said.

Carrick noted that during the pandemic, many Freedom Boat Club members have enjoyed boating to maintain social distance and to stay safe during recreational activities. 

The vessels that will be docked include Key West Center Consoles and Scout Center Consoles. As membership grows, more vessels will be added to the fleet, Carrick said.

The Key West Center Console is loaded with creature comforts, such as a generous-sized changing room under the console, which can also provide extra storage space. The boat is popular among anglers, and at 24-feet in length, members looking to cast their rods for a big catch can easily venture out into the open water.

Freedom Boat Club will be hiring a dock manager, dock masters and training captains for the new location.

“We are growing rapidly as more and more recreational boaters realize it’s much more convenient and affordable to become a member with access to multiple types of vessels without having to deal with all the headaches associated with owning your own boat,” Carrick said.  

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