H2 Design Studio Helps Chatham Marconi Exhibit Get Under Way

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When Chatham Marconi needed some expert design help for their new exhibit for the 2023 season, they turned to H2 Design Studio, a museum exhibition and media design firm in Middleborough.

“Chatham Marconi wanted to highlight the station’s role through profiles of famous ships, their passengers and their crews,” explains H2 Design Studio partner Larissa Hansen-Hallgren. “Famous passenger ships featured including the Queen Mary, the United States, the Ile de France and the Leonardo da Vinci.” 

Golden Age Exhibit

When visitors come to the exhibit, they directly enter the “Golden Age” exhibit through a simulated ship’s gangway. On the wall is a mural with panels introducing the exhibit. Directly ahead is a large cross-section cutaway of the SS United States, revealing the ship’s internal features. Scenes of shipboard life play on a video screen on the far wall. In the center the room, kiosks and rails display the unique design features of five more ocean liners, human-interest stories, and a few adventure tales. Interactive screens present each liner’s unique story in photographs, graphics and video clips, and radio communication is a common thread in many of them.

Chatham Marconi will have the exhibit in place through 2025 with a changing emphasis each year on the liners’ activity.

For more information about H2 Design Studio, visit h2designstudio.org.

For more information about the Chatham Marconi Maritime Center, visit ChathamMarconi.org