Ideas for Social Media

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Are you running out of things to talk about on Social Media? Here’s a long short-list of ideas to get your creative mind working!

  1. Ask a question.
  2. Feature a staff member.
  3. News, promotions, awards?
  4. Changes in services, business hours, or locations.
  5. Identify a problem or opportunity and recommend one of your products. Feeling tired? Try one of our … for a little afternoon pick-me-up
  6. Take audience behind the scenes (keep it professional – if you are a hospitality business, don’t feature the dumpster area).
  7. Fun Fact…. Did you know … ?
  8. Feature a nearby business.
  9. Feature a similar business out of state.
  10. Show your product or service in use.
  11. Show a little kid, pet, animal holding using your product
    “Squirrels love blueberry muffins also!”
  12. Run a contest or give-away.
  13. Throwback, anniversaries, etc.
  14. Quote: funny or inspirational.
  15. Encourage customers to take photos with your product and submit them to you.
  16. Record a quick zoom call.
  17. Whip out the cell phone and selfie or record something quick (under 60 seconds)
  18. Post a fail (not appropriate for every business, but can be fun when done correctly.
  19. Post one of your business goals (hint: make it about customer service, company growth, hiring, promotions, and not about financial goals).
  20. Break up a blog or article on your website into several pieces with rich visuals.
  21. Show a How-To with your product or service.
  22. Congratulate someone in your community or industry.

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