Local Cape Chambers Collaborative Unveils New Logo

Local Cape Chambers Collaborative (LC3), a group that includes all 15 Cape Cod chambers of commerce and members who are striving to effect change on a local level, recently unveiled a new logo.

The LC3 logo was designed by Polish artist Ewa Nogiec of North Truro.

LC3 goals include leveraging best practices to help local Cape chambers, members, and area businesses become stronger, more effective, and more efficient. LC3 was formed in 2007 by executives of local Cape Cod chambers of commerce who recognized the need for a local approach to regional issues.

“Last year, during my time as chairperson of the LC3, I asked the group whether they’d be onboard with revamping our logo and they all agreed,” says Radu Luca, executive director of the Provincetown Chamber of Commerce. “I asked Ewa, our graphic director, webmaster and photographer, to draft a logo for us that would speak to the LC3’s mission and partnership. I think this logo that Ewa came up with perfectly defines and represents our unity and the collaborative aspect in which we conduct business to better represent our chamber members and towns on the Cape.”

For more information, visit https://mashpeechamber.com/about/lc3/