Marstons Mills Farm Returns To Its Roots

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A new partnership will bring the Fuller Farm in Marstons Mills back to its agricultural roots.

Barnstable Land Trust (BLT) and Resilient Roots will partner to bring a permaculture garden and educational programming to the farm. Resilient Roots is a local nonprofit whose mission is to teach people how to create landscapes that are productive and modeled after natural ecosystems.

In the coming months, Resilient Roots will plant a permaculture demonstration garden including a food forest on a three-quarter-acre area of Fuller Farm. This garden will operate as an educational model for regenerative gardening that supports pollinators, improves soil health, mitigates impacts of climate change and helps to feed the community.

Resilient Roots is led by Kristie Kapp, an ecologist and longtime farmer, West Barnstable resident, BLT member and leader.

“We’re so happy to be able to fulfill our commitment to the Fuller family to keep the land undeveloped, and now to help realize Barbara Fuller’s vision of helping people connect to the land and the food it can provide,” said Janet Milkman, Barnstable Land Trust’s executive director.

“This collaboration at Fuller Farm represents a beginning of several relationships, including with the community. There will be opportunities for teaching, learning, enjoying, and growing as we set the stage for a space that models nature and enhances habitats, and we get to watch as nature unfolds.” said Kapp.

Along with the permaculture garden and accompanying education, BLT hopes to create a pollinator field and space for sheep or other livestock grazing on the farm. The property includes 22 acres of fields and forested land, with walking trails throughout. The trails are open to the public. Plans are underway for improved parking, signage and kiosks to share the history of the Fullers, their farm and their role in the community. Both organizations look forward to sharing this space with the community, and both teaching and learning on the land.