Martha’s Vineyard Bank ‘Lift Merchant Discount Match’ Returns For The Holidays

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Martha’s Vineyard Bank’s “Lift Merchant Discount Match” is back for the holiday season, designed to promote shopping local.

The online store, located at, originally launched last year and has exceeded $661,000 in sales for Lift Certificates for local merchants.

Consumers purchase Lift Certificates at the Lift Store – Martha’s Vineyard Bank matches the discount from participating businesses, from 10 percent up to 25 percent depending on the type of business, and it also absorbs the full cost of setting up and running the Lift Store.

For example, if a merchant offers a $100 Lift Certificate at a 10 percent discount, the bank will match with another 10 percent, so the consumer gets a $100 gift certificate for $80.  With the bank’s match, the retailer gets $90.

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