Mid-Cape Home Centers Raises Funds For Veterans Outreach Center

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Mid-Cape Home Centers has raised nearly $15,000 this year for Cape & Islands Veteran’s Outreach Center (CIVOC).

The company hosted several fundraisers, including a a silent auction that raised nearly $3,500, and the “Flag a Yard” Fundraiser,”  where people were invited to make a $25 minimum donation and in return, place an American flag in a family member or friends’ yard. Another large portion of the funds raised came from the Mid-Cape team themselves. Leadership and team members donated to the fundraising campaign, bringing the total funds raised to just under $15,000.

Mid-Cape also took part in E.J. Jaxtimer’s Charter Cup Fundraiser on  July 17, which raised more than $150,000 for nonprofits this year.

The funds raised by Mid-Cape Home Centers will be allocated towards the Veteran’s Home Campaign, which includes a veterans home being built in Dennis This home will consist of five bedrooms and be a safe haven for homeless veterans in Dennis.

Mid-Cape Home Centers is in its 125th year of business on Cape Cod and the South Shore.

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