MJ’s Pet Training Academy Adds ‘Day School Plus’ Obedience Dog Training

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Too busy with work to have your dog trained?

M.J.’s Pet Training Academy in Acushnet has announced plans for a new Dog Training program, “Day School Plus,” geared to families who want to have training provided for their beloved pets but whose work schedules don’t allow them to attend sessions each day in person.

Training Team Member Michelle Randall will be one of the leaders for this program, which offers basic and advanced obedience and manners training. Randall will work with the dogs all day long, and part of the service will include videos of the training, and detailed notes, to be shared with the dog owners at the end of the session. The training sessions will come with “homework,” so that the dog’s family will be able to reinforce the training from the session itself.

The training will include basic manners, teaching dogs not to jump with the help of further reinforcement from the owners and not to accept food from strangers, and “emergency halt” techniques for when the owner accidentally drops a leash.

Day School Plus is scheduled to include six sessions, one per week, and the trainers will work to accommodate the family’s schedule.

Randall joined MJ’s Pet Training Academy in July. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from State University of New York at Cobleskill. The Mattapoisett resident studied animal science also at Bristol County Agricultural High School before enrolling at SUNY. She is experienced in handling and showmanship of many different species of animals.

For more information, visit https://www.mjspettrainingacademy.com/  or call 855-465-7782.