Nauset Youth Alliance Executive Director Retiring in June 2024

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Following a long career of education and public service, Executive Director of Nauset Youth Alliance, David Rost, has announced his retirement, effective at the conclusion of the school year in June 2024. Rost’s leadership at Nauset Youth Alliance has made a significant impact on the organization since his arrival in 2017.


Board President, Heather Sprague, states “Though his accomplishments on behalf of the program are too numerous to list here, we would highlight a few examples. David helped implement a Social-Emotional Learning curriculum and established greater structure and systems. In addition to this curriculum development, David has hired and mentored excellent teachers, staff, and enrichment providers, which has helped grow enrollment, and he has worked tirelessly to identify and apply for grants and donations, such that NYA’s financial outlook has never been stronger: we have been able to increase teacher’s compensation and benefits to be a leader in the marketplace, we have been able to limit tuition increases, and our cash reserves have never been healthier. We are also grateful for David’s leadership through the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as his consistent efforts to serve the broader Brewster community through consistent coordination and communication with other community stakeholders. Most of all, however, we thank David for his unwavering support and care for the children who have attended NYA under his leadership.”


Nauset Youth Alliance Board of Directors has started the process of finding Rost’s successor. The job description for this role can be found here. Those interested in learning more about this role should contact to Melissa Oomer,