New Business: DeLude Communications Focuses On Local Business, Community Building

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Community engagement was a key piece of Nauset Disposal’s business plan. The company felt strongly about giving back to the region, especially to  nonprofit organizations which provided so many vital services to Cape Codders in need. It also worked closely with clients in other ways, beyond the services it offered, extending marketing services to its clients. 

After Shawn DeLude sold his successful company in 2022, he and three other former Nauset Disposal employees embarked on a new business venture this year, founding DeLude Communications. The group had worked together for several years at Nauset Disposal, with thousands of customers, and harbored a desire to work together again, bringing along with them a successful business model that was colored by an altruistic sensibility. 

Delude Communications
The DeLude Communications team, from left: Jennifer Bayuk, Shawn DeLude, Kara Boulé and Dan Kellogg. (Photo by Sandra Costello)

“It was a brainchild for a long time,” says Chief Operating Officer Kara Boulé, the former Director of Marketing and Community Engagement at Nauset Disposal. “We took the trash out of it and here we are helping local businesses again. We’re passionate about helping small- to medium-sized businesses achieve their goals in relation to growth, stability, brand recognition and community engagement.”


The experienced team is led by DeLude, who serves as President and focuses on counseling and thought leadership; Dan Kellogg, Chief Financial Officer and Controller and head of Human Resources; Kara Boule, Chief Operating Officer, who puts most of the marketing in play for clients; and Jennifer Bayuk, Chief Development Officer, who directs development and sales. 

DeLude founded Nauset Disposal in 2000 and sold the company in 2022. So, why not retire? Why found another business?

 “I try to focus on things I’m good at and apparently retiring wasn’t one of those things,” said DeLude. “My passion for the local community and sense of responsibility in giving back is what initially motivated me. Establishing a team that has similar beliefs and the passion to work with small businesses makes it fulfilling and fun.”

 The full-service agency offers an array of services: social media, content creation, lead generation, media planning, communications, graphic design, photography and videography, websites, SEO and strategic partnerships. DeLude Communications also offers consulting services in human resources, financials, operations, employee engagement, sales and development and community investment. 

It’s a large list and DeLude Communications has “thoughtfully” rolled out its launch this year, starting with a handful of clients so far.

Why do small businesses in particular even need a marketing company in the age of social media, where savvy staffers can post news and market in-house via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

“Because owners of small- to medium-sized businesses wear a lot of hats, often too many hats!” says Boulé. “There’s often no strategic planning, they are often reactive. We sit down with clients and see what they are doing for their marketing.”

The decline of print media and the growth of digital media has presented a new challenge for businesses as well as marketing companies. “It’s important to know the players today,” says Boulé. “While media outlets have decreased, there is an opportunity to increase awareness. The good thing about digital marketing is that it’s trackable. But it’s important to diversify; there are so many options as to where to put your dollars and get a return on investment.” 

Radio can still be an effective marketing tool as well, “if it’s used correctly and with the right strategy,” Boulé says.

DeLude Communications will also help clients cultivate ways to increase their community involvement, which can indirectly result in growing a brand in a positive way. As Nauset Disposal’s former Marketing and Community Investment Director, Boule organized the Trash Bash annual fundraiser, which raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years for nonprofits. 

“Shawn built Nauset Disposal on community engagement,” says Boulé, “and we hope to eventually develop that aspect of the business.”


DeLude Communications
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