Organizations Sought to Host Annual CARE Day

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CARE for the Cape & Islands is looking for a nonprofit or community organization to host its annual CARE DAY, to be held in early-May. To apply the organization must have a permanent site that is open to the public and in need of volunteers to perform hands-on improvements.

CARE for the Cape & Islands Day is an annual event where volunteers from the business community participate in a half-day of service and education. Its purpose is twofold: to benefit a local nonprofit tourism attraction through hands-on volunteer service that helps to repair or improve its infrastructure, while offering the participants an opportunity to learn more about CARE, its impact and how one might support its efforts.

Previous events have been held at Cape Wildlife Center, Waquoit Bay Reserve, Marconi Maritime Center, Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, Nobska Light, Thacher Hall (formerly The New Church) and Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary. Volunteers assisted with a variety of activities including painting, staining, gardening and trail maintenance throughout the morning. The events conclude with a presentation from the current year grant recipients, a tour of the facility, and lunch.

Requirements to host this event include:

The organization and location must be a nonprofit in need of repairs.
The organization will provide a predetermined project list to the CARE staff submitted with bid.
The organization will help to promote the event through their database – social media, email.
Post event, the organization will promote the work that was completed to promote CARE for the Cape & Islands and its volunteers.

To be considered, complete the online form.

CARE for the Cape & Islands™ was founded in 2012 to encourage, support, and create opportunities for visitors and residents to donate their time, talent, and treasure to help preserve and protect the region’s natural beauty, plant and wildlife habitats, and Cape and Islands culture and history. Its mission is to inspire stewardship to preserve and protect the natural environment, cultural and historical treasures of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

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