Osterville Village Library’s Cotton Receives Changemaker Award

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Cyndy Cotton, executive director of the Osterville Village Library has received a 2021 Changemaker Award from the Institute for Nonprofit Practice.

The Changemaker Award recognizes those who have been on the front lines in support of their community demonstrating extraordinary commitment in the face of adversity borne by the effects of the pandemic.

“We couldn’t have kept our doors open through the pandemic (excepting for the state mandated shutdown) without community cooperation,” said Cotton. “The Red Cross, AARP, our staff, trustees and our patrons are all on the same page. There is a commitment to keep things running, but there is also the creativity to make it happen, and that’s what we’re all about at OVL.”

Recipients of the 2021 Changemaker Awards were honored at the Institute for Nonprofit Practice’s Leadership Learning Series Session: “The Art of Leading for Good: Shining a Light on Changemakers” on Feb. 10.