Peak Physical Therapy & Sports Performance Partners With Beaver Summer Camp

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Peak Physical Therapy & Sports Performance is partnering with Beaver Summer Camp to participate in Go Baby Go,  a program that custom modifies battery ride-on cars for children with limited mobility.

Physical therapist Heather Hanson, director of Pediatrics at Peak, has identified two patient families who will benefit from the program. She is working with David Ingenthron in the Design with Purpose Program for middle school students at the Beaver Summer Camp in Chestnut Hill. Campers will work together in teams to design, customize and build each car to meet the specific needs of an individual child. 

Go Baby Go scaledEarly in the week, each team will meet their assigned family and learn about the unique needs and mobility challenges of the 3- to 5-year- old children and then are guided by Hanson as they develop their specific designs. The campers will rewire the car’s electrical system, develop unique supports and harnesses, and hack the accelerator and ignition. They will also decorate the cars based on the preschool-age children’s interests. At the end of the week the preschoolers meet with the campers and learn how to use their new cars.

“There is a proven connection between mobility and brain development and this program provides a way for the pre-school patients to fulfill their drive for self propulsion,” said Hanson. “It is rewarding for the campers and great for the families and children who benefit from the cars. We have two local Peak families participating this year and they are excited to be a part of this. Last year I witnessed the difference it made for a child, her siblings and parents when she was able to drive her car, it opened up a whole world of possibilities for her.”