Phase One Completed For Serenity Brewster Project

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South Coast Improvement Company has completed Phase 1 of a project to convert the former Wingate Residences assisted living and nursing facility into Serenity Brewster, affordable rental housing for those ages 55 and over.

The property, located at 873 Harwich Road (Route 124), is being developed by the Elevation Financial Group of Orlando, Florida.

Serenity Brewster
The lobby of Serenity Brewster, an affordable rental housing for those ages 55 and over,  located at 873 Harwich Road (Route 124), in Brewster.

Elevation purchased the property in December 2020 with the intent of converting the 119,016-square- foot building into rental properties for people 55 and over. Phase 1 of the project featured the conversion of 41 rooms. South Coast Improvement Company completed that phase on July 1,.

 “The mission of creating affordable housing for seniors is embedded deep in our DNA. By bringing an outstanding Brewster property back to life through Elevation’s commitment to safe, clean and affordable housing, everyone wins,” said Chris King, CEO of Elevation Financial Group.

The second phase of the project will convert the remainder of the 132 units. Twenty percent of those units will be deed-restricted or 40B, double the required 10.

“Converting space in an assisted living facility is something we’ve had extensive experience with. This project is a little different than a lot of those as it is unoccupied and the conversion of the facility into housing involves a 40B,” said Tom Quinlan, president of South Coast Improvement Company. “We’re grateful to Elevation for the opportunity to work on this project and deliver it on time and under budget.”

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