Pier 42 Advisors – New Wealth Management Firm Located on Cape Cod

SOUTH DENNIS, MA – Vincent Renaut, Certified Financial Planner & Principal of Pier 42 Advisors announces newly opened Wealth Management Firm serving:

Cape Cod • Martha’s Vineyard • Nantucket • Plymouth • The Greater Boston Area

Unlike most investment firms, Pier 42 Advisors operates at the highest degree of independence.
This means their advisors have no affiliation with other “chain” entities that may stand to gain from the advisor’s recommendations (i.e. get you to purchase high commission sale products or sell you insurance products) as they are a fee-only fiduciary. No potential commissions will ever be collected.

Pier 42 Advisors specialties include:
1. Protecting retirement income for retirees and pre-retirees (10 years or less from retirement).
2. Helping business owners align their personal and professional finances to secure a substantial retirement.

Both entail creating comprehensive cash flow plans. For retirees/pre-retirees, that means protecting their retirement income and for business owners that means ensuring business cash is flowing properly so their businesses can grow and increase in value.

Complete services provided include:
Cash Flow Planning • Tax Planning • Investment Management • Asset & Income Protection Estate Planning • Small Business Planning • Investment Property Analysis


With Pier 42 Advisors, clients can take comfort in their long-term financial plans as they are structured to withstand periods of market stress. A comprehensive picture of what truly guides your decision making, is determined… a phrase they have coined as FINDING YOUR “WHY. They take the time to get to know you and understand the “why” behind your financial wants and needs.
Individuals or businesses who are looking for reassurance and guidance with their financial goals, are encouraged to call Vincent today at 508-258-9300 to schedule a complimentary appointment.