Plymouth Solar Energy Launches Solar Service Division

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Many solar energy companies did not survive COVID or the complexity and bureaucracy of the solar installation process.  To meet the needs of orphaned customers as well as their own, Plymouth Solar Energy has launched a new Solar Service Division.

The new division will provide monitoring and servicing of all solar installations in Plymouth, Norfolk, Barnstable and Bristol counties.

Monitoring service is performed virtually from the company’s headquarters in downtown Plymouth at 18 Main Street Extension.  Additional solar services include onsite replacement of solar panels and inverters, optimization of solar efficiency and electrical, construction and tech support, as needed.

“Although the solar panels themselves rarely fail, all solar installations need to be tweaked and repaired over time,” noted Fred Paris, CEO of Plymouth Solar Energy.  “Our offsite, offsite virtual monitoring identifies problems before they become critical and our onsite repairs and service ensure solar systems are always working optimally.”

For more info, visit or call 508-746-5430 or email