Pro Cyclist To Lead Wellness Workshops At Nové In West Dennis

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Pro cyclist, world medalist, U.S. Olympic Committee advisor, former Nike spokesperson and elite yoga coach Leslee Schenk-Trzcinski will lead exclusive weekend wellness workshops at Nové in West Dennis, over Columbus Day weekend.

Fitness professionals, yoga teachers, coaches, and inquisitive students will learn ways to improve their performance, productivity, mindset, and pain management from an instructor who has trained world class athletes to compete on the biggest of stages.

She will lead workshops on Friday, Oct. 7; Saturday; Oct. 8; and Sunday, Oct. 9, at Nové, located at 581 Main St. (Route 28), in West Dennis. For details on the classes or to register, visit

“I’m so excited to share my expertise at Nové and help Cape Codders embrace a healthier lifestyle and take meaningful steps to achieve the best version of themselves, whether that’s at home, in the office, in the gym, or on the field,” said Schenk-Trzcinski. “The Cape is such a special place for me and my family, and I am looking forward to having an opportunity to help others learn, connect, and grow through these classes.”

While Schenk-Trzcinski and her family vacation in Provincetown every summer, this weekend’s visit will be her first time back to Cape Cod professionally since 2017.

“This is such a great chance for people to take classes with a yoga instructor and athlete who understands what it means to perform at the highest of levels,” said Nové owner Jitka Borowick. “As an avid cyclist, runner and busy professional, I am eager to find ways I can incorporate Leslee’s teachings into my own life. These classes are really for anyone interested in learning more about how fitness, yoga, and wellness can benefit all facets of our lives.”

Schenk-Trzcinski has been a yoga and functional movement specialist for over a decade, helping athletes of all levels, from Olympic and elite to recreational, understand common imbalances and flaws in posture and how it can affect performance.

The owner of Tune Yoga in Rochester, N.Y., Schenk-Trzcinski has led weekend wellness workshops, similar to the one she is bringing to Nové, throughout the country prior to the pandemic.

Schenk-Trzcinski was on the U.S. National Cycling Team, winning medals in the world championships. She was in residence at the Olympic Training Center and later served as a U.S. Olympic Committee advisor. She was also a member of the prestigious 7-Eleven Cycling Team where she served as a Nike spokesperson and was featured in the award-winning Nike commercial, “Bo Knows.”