‘Resilience’ T-Shirt Sales Will Benefit Healthcare Centers

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WEYMOUTH and DORCHESTER — Jack Doherty, owner and president of College Hype,  a custom screen printing and embroidery business, wanted to do something to help the front line workers who are battling COVID-19.

Since his company’s trade is printing and marketing t-shirts, he and his team have designed and printed a t-shirt and will use the proceeds to help the healthcare workers in the region. 

The company store is temporarily closed in keeping with coronavirus restrictions, but they are marketing “Resilience” t-shirts online through their URL, Resilience2020.us. Doherty says they’ve already raised $10,000 for the two hospitals they have partnered with and are supporting in this effort: South Shore Healthcare (South Shore Hospital) and Boston Medical Center. His goal is to double that figure. They are looking to help these healthcare facilities Personal Protection Equipment.

“We have had a very positive reception to this idea,” he said, “and we want to keep it going until we reach our goal of $20,000 for the hospitals. Boston Medical Center is a first-rate facility. And I can’t say enough about South Shore Health/South Shore Hospital; they literally saved my life six years ago,” in caring for him after a near-fatal heart attack.

 Anyone interested in participating can get details on the website, http://collegehype.com

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