Rockland Fitness Center Offers Virtual Workouts

Gyms and small fitness centers are among sectors experiencing a decline in businesses with the pandemic requiring social distancing and Governor Baker’s closure of non-essential businesses as of March 24.

Thanks to applications including Zoom and YouTube, among others, some fitness centers have been able to keep clients moving through virtual classes.

110 Fitness in Rockland is posting free workouts via their YouTube channel, available to anyone. Visit and search “110 Fitness”. The workouts can be found on the “110 Daily Grind” playlist on their channel.

“We are all being told to stay home and to keep our immune systems healthy. Part of keeping our immune system strong is continuing to exercise,” says Brett Miller, owner of 110 Fitness and physical therapist. “Exercise is great for our mental health too as it decreases stress and anxiety by releasing chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine into our bodies. This is why I am adamant about creating and sharing these virtual workouts. I also know that everyone is starting to struggle financially, which is why I am providing these workouts at no cost and anyone can access. You do not have to be a 110 member to do these workouts at home.”

The workouts shared by 110 Fitness are for all populations and include boxing, yoga, drumming, high intensity interval training, plyometrics, and strength and conditioning. However, one of 110 Fitness’s largest populations are individuals with Parkinson’s Disease.

“Lack of exercise and isolation along with stress and anxiety will exacerbate their symptoms.”, says Miller. “This is why it is crucial for these members to access the virtual workouts by 110 Fitness and to keep moving. We want to keep them connected and we want to keep them fighting back against Parkinson’s Disease.”

For more information e-mail or call 781 616 3313.