Safer Places Inc. Adds Covid Testing To Service Package

Safer Places Inc., a Middleboro company providing pre-employment screening, tenant screening and security consulting, has announced it will offer COVID testing as part of its package of services for public agencies and private sector businesses.

The testing services will be offered as a stand alone offer or bundled with Safer Places, Inc.’s other background check and drug testing services.

COVID testing services will include both rapid tests and PCR testing for employees who need to be tested on a weekly basis or before visiting a client’s location. The new service can also be utilized for employees returning to work after being out with COVID. Testing will be self-administered by the employee.

“Here’s how it works: employees will be able to download an app to their phone and administer the test at home or wherever it’s convenient,” said David Sawyer, president of Safer Places, Inc. “A government-issued ID and facial recognition software are utilized with the app to verify and document the employee’s identity.  The entire process is captured on video, including the results if it’s a rapid test. Instructions and a process to follow are given for the PCR testing.”

Companies and organizations can order COVID test kits can from Safer Places, Inc. that can be implemented without the validation process. Safer Places, Inc.’s COVID test offering includes a vaccination tracking system as well.

Pricing for COVID testing program starts at $15 for a single test and varies depending on the number of kits, length of engagement, type of test and other details. Some employers may want the employee to pay for their own test so the staff member can be reimbursed through their health insurance company. Safer Places can handle individual billing.

“One thing that’s become abundantly clear is we will be dealing with COVID and it’s variants for the foreseeable future,” said Sawyer. “Developing a workplace testing process will be key for companies looking to ensure a safer workplace for employees and visitors to your business.”

For information on Safer Places, Inc. COVID test programs or its other background check, customized screening and drug testing services, visit or call 508-947-0600.