Sensible Medical Donates Air Purification System To Learning Ladder Preschool

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Sensible Medical of Hanover, a distributor of medical grade air purification systems for hospitals, clinics and offices and schools, has donated the use of the JADE air purifier to the Learning Ladder Preschool.  

The Learning Ladder Preschool, located at 580 Webster St. in Hanover, is a year-round program offering core academics, art music, sign language, Spanish, hands-on science experiments, cooking, gardening and summer fun. The JADE purifier has allowed the school to remain open with no interruption of classes and for the facility to remain COVID free.

 “The Learning Ladder Preschool is a beautiful environment for learning and we wanted to ensure that the air quality  was conducive to keeping the teachers, staff and the children safe during this time of COVID,” said Steve Boutin, CEO of Sensible Medical. “For less than $3 a day per unit the JADE air purifier can keep classroom air, office air and retail store air safe for everyone. The JADE air purifier is the best purifier we researched for capturing any individually sized viruses, including the Covid-19 version with the emerging variants.”

The JADE air purifier is a medical grade air system that meets and exceeds EPA and CDC guidelines by exchanging room air from six to more than 20 times per hour, while capturing and containing nano sized aerosolized particulates as small as .0025 microns, including the virus responsible for COVID-19.

To learn more about the JADE or to request a demonstration, call 781-312-8865 or email or visit their website,