Sensible Medical Medical Grade Air Purifier Authorized for Use

Sensible Medical, a Hanover-based distributor of medical grade air purification systems for hospitals, clinics and offices announced today that it is the authorized USA distributor for the Surgically Clean Air’s JADE Clean Air System.

Unlike home bedroom air purifiers, the portable JADE Commercial Air Purifier is a medical grade air system that meets and exceeds EPA and CDC guidelines by exchanging the room air from six to more than 15 times per hour, while capturing and containing nano sized aerosolized particulates that can carry the SARS CoV-2 virus responsible for COVID-19,  in addition to bacteria, VOCs, mold and other pollutants.

Sensible Medical CEO Steve Boutin and JADE 1“While some of the rise in COVID-19 may be attributed to people not following protocols, the bigger issue is that most buildings do not sufficiently purify their air; specifically, not capturing the nano-micro sized aerosolized particulates that can stay airborne for up to 16 hours,” said Steve Boutin, CEO of Sensible Medical.

To learn more about the JADE call 781-312-8865 or email