South Shore Chamber of Commerce announces affiliation with Hanover Chamber of Commerce

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The South Shore Chamber of Commerce and the Hanover Chamber of Commerce have formally affiliated their organizations, according to Peter Forman, President & CEO of the South Shore Chamber.
The announcement was made at an October 26th event held at Laura’s Center for the Arts in Hanover.
As such, South Shore Chamber members with businesses based in Hanover will now have automatic membership in both chambers.
“Our affiliation with the South Shore Chamber will provide an even greater platform for opportunity for businesses in the Hanover community,” said Patrick Kelleher, President of the Hanover Chamber of Commerce.
“With the Hanover Chamber’s deep knowledge and connections within the town, combined with the South Shore Chamber’s many resources and long experience advocating for businesses throughout the region, state and federal government, Hanover businesses can rest assured their voices will be heard and their concerns addressed from Town Hall to Beacon Hill to Capitol Hill,” said Forman.
About the Hanover Chamber of Commerce
The Hanover Chamber of Commerce is comprised of 185 leading business and professional women and men, representing a wide range of commercial, professional and service interests. The Chamber actively supports projects which aid local worthy causes and at the same time provides a forum for ongoing communication with town officials and the community at large. While the Chamber of Commerce is justly proud of the existing business/professional climate, it is also committed to working for a healthy growth pattern which will be beneficial to both the residential community and the business/professional community of Hanover.  A key goal is to keep the gracious amenities of a residential community while providing services and employment opportunities to the public. For additional information on the Chamber, please visit
About the South Shore Chamber of Commerce
The South Shore Chamber of Commerce has long been recognized throughout the state as one of the most active and forceful advocates for the business community and numbers among the larger Chambers of Commerce nationally. The South Shore Chamber is a not-for-profit association of businesses in the communities south of Boston. It is committed to helping its members grow their businesses and to improve the business climate in the region. Members range in size from major international corporations headquartered on the South Shore to small local firms and sole proprietorships. For additional information on the Chamber, please visit or call 781-421-3900.

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