South Shore Chamber Offers Membership Deal

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The South Shore Chamber of Commerce is offering new and former members a special membership that allows them to join with dues payment deferred to the July 1 through June 30 annual schedule.

During this time the chamber is offering:

  • Virtual networking like Coffee Connections and programming by industry with the chamber’s NPO (Nonprofits) Group; the Human Resource Group; and EAT South Shore
  • Special briefings from state and local legislative representatives and the US Chamber of Commerce as well as our own CEO Chat “:40 with Forman”
  • Access to small business resources
  • Marketing your business through our SEO-rich online member directory
  • Shout-outs on our social media platforms
  • Be In the Know – What’s happening in local communities and in your backyard
  • Be a contributor to our everyday advocacy and support of growing a stronger regional economy for the South Shore

In addition the chamber has a COVID-19 Resources & Protocol Webpage that is available to the public on their website. The webpage includes Member Provided Resources, webinars and online classes, Recovery Grants & Resource information, community support and updates and general COVID-19 information.

The website also runs a webpage for EAT South Shore providing updated information regarding regional restaurants and breweries on hours, options for food, gift cards and more at during COVID-19 Restrictions.

​“Now is a great time to focus on your business and the unique ways you can market, connect, and ultimately be ready for the recovery phase,” said Peter Forman President and CEO of the South Shore Chamber. “During this challenging time we are working on ways to offer member-to-member engagement; serve as a business resource; and support you and your business needs now in a virtual manner.”

For more information, visit or call 781-421-3900.

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