Tech Council to Explore Geothermal Energy at its April 5th First Friday Talk

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Eversource’s Nikki Bruno to talk about her company’s geothermal pilot project in Framingham

March 27, 2024 (Cape Cod, MA) – When it comes to green energy, one of the untapped solutions to reducing carbon emissions may lie beneath our feet. And at its First Friday talk on April 5th at Cape Cod Community College, Cape Cod Technology Council will welcome Eversource Vice President of Clean Technologies Nikki Bruno to talk about how the utility company is constructing a networked geothermal pilot project in Framingham, which could pave the way for the energy source to be used in this way throughout the country to secure a clean energy future.

“This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in renewable energy or climate change to learn how Eversource is working on a project that could have practical implications for how Cape Cod tackles its energy needs,” said Tech Council Executive Director Steve Smith.

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Bruno expressed her excitement for being given the opportunity to provide details on Eversource’s project which will power 37 buildings, 32 of which are residential, in a neighborhood in Framingham. A total of 140 customers will benefit from the project which broke ground last June and will be brought online later this year.

“What we’re doing today is novel and the first-of-its-kind project where we’re networking buildings together using geothermal energy,” said Bruno. “This is part of Eversource’s decarbonization strategy for the states we serve, and it will show what is possible and what is next for geothermal energy.”

Since 2020, Bruno has overseen Eversource’s work to advance clean technologies within its gas business portfolio. The company has set a commitment to carbon neutrality by 2030. In her role, Bruno evaluates the feasibility of clean technologies, including geothermal energy, clean hydrogen, renewable natural gas, and methane reduction.

Its pilot project in Framingham will help determine if networked geothermal systems are a viable option to affordably heat and cool homes and businesses. Geothermal technology uses water, wells, piping, and pumps to pull the earth’s heat out of the ground to warm buildings in the winter, and pumps heat from buildings back into the ground in the summer to cool them.

Nikki Bruno

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