Tech Council Will Explore Practical Benefits of ChatGPT and Similar AI Tools at First Friday on February 2nd

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January 26, 2023 (Cape Cod, MA) – Are you curious about how ChatGPT can be used in your day-to-day work? Are you seeking to harness the power of AI with routine tasks? What are language learning models and how can they improve our productivity?

Cape Cod Community College Associate Professor of English Patricia Allen will answer these questions and more during the Cape Cod Technology Council’s First Friday on February 2, 7:30-9 am, at the college’s Wilkens Science & Engineering Center.

“Since ChatGPT was first unveiled in November 2022, it has captivated the public’s attention. A growing number of people are interested in ways large language learning models can be used to enhance their personal and professional lives,” said Technology Council Executive Director Steve Smith. “We’re excited to tap into Patricia Allen’s expertise into how she has incorporated these tools and how all of us can do the same in the work we’re doing.”

The February 2 session will be hands-on with Allen walking attendees into practical applications of how best to use AI technology like ChatGPT, Claude, Bing Chat, and Bard. It’s recommended that guests bring a laptop or tablet to the talk. To register or learn more, visit

Initially, Allen said, she was both skeptical and cautious about using AI at the college. But after witnessing its utility in a class on Shakespeare, she was hooked. She has since used it to enhance her work and to help better explain complex subjects that her students may be struggling with.

“People need to be aware of AI and its potential,” Allen said of why people should attend her talk. “It is incredibly helpful to people, not just in our work lives, but our personal lives.

“It’s a great sounding board and a great way to come up with ideas,” she continued. “It can quickly read and summarize documents and reports and make recommendations on them. It can take notes on meetings and pull out the salient points.”

Allen’s talk will allow attendees to better understand the capabilities and potential of AI technology. “Everyone will find a use for it. If it can just take a few tasks off my plate, for me, I’m happy I have a little more time to paint and have a little more time to do some of the creative things I like to do,” she said. “I’m hoping it frees me up to do the tasks that are more important to me.”

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