The Benefits of Working with a Design-Build Remodeling Contractor

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By Matt Arguin

Kitchen remodeling – just saying the words can create mixed emotions of excitement and frustration. Excitement over the prospect of a new and improved kitchen and the likely frustration that comes with hiring a designer, selecting a contractor, keeping a close eye on the construction progress, and in many cases acting as your own general contractor. But all these moving parts can be avoided by working with a design-build company, one that combines project design with product selection, construction, and installation services in addition to taking on the general contractor function.

The benefits are many when working with a one-entity design-build firm. This unified approach covers all bases – from initial consultation to installation, resulting in savings both in time and often in finances. One of the most significant advantages of taking the integrated “one-stop” avenue is having a single point of contact to streamline the entire process, unlike working with multiple entities which can lead to miscommunication, and in turn to possible delays. The close collaboration of a design-build team eliminates miscommunication, misunderstanding, and missed deadlines.

A design-build team can easily work closely with homeowners so that even the slightest adjustment to the remodeling project is added to the design and not left behind on a wish list that never came before the right eyes. Ditto when it comes to having a one-stop team that is familiar with both traditional and more on trend designs. Let’s face it – the options can be overwhelming, but a team of professionals can help narrow down choices based on the homeowner’s vision and reduce the sense of uncertainty that often comes with selecting materials.southcoast kitchen

Back to the all-important subject of price tag. A design-build contractor can identify potential cost savings during both the design and construction phases and as they oversee the entire project, are better able to ensure that it remains within budget. This is in contrast to the potential for delays when working with multiple contractors. Ultimately, a design-build team provides a realistic cost estimate to minimize the risk of unanticipated expenses.

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With responsibility for the entire project, a design-build remodeling contractor is fully aware that their reputation is front and center. The homeowner’s investment may be in time and money, but the contractor has a more than vested interest in a project’s end result as it represents the quality of their work and work ethic. Accountability is key when working with home remodeling professionals. A design-build team knows they are answerable for all elements of the project and if problems occur the obligation to resolve rests on them. The bottom line is they take greater care with every step of the project to ensure the best possible result.

A kitchen renovation can be overwhelming, but homeowners can feel comfortable with the entire experience if they have a transparent process in place, from the initial consultation right through to project completion. Good communication minimizes errors and increases efficiency, leading to a smoother process and fewer or no project delays. Working with a design-build remodeling contractor can result in what every homeowner wants when taking on a remodeling project – a streamlined, cost-sensitive, and high quality end result.

Matt Arguin

Matt Arguin is president of Southcoast Kitchen Designs, with locations in Carver and, as of this spring, Sandwich. For more information, please visit