The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod Launches Debit Card Rewards Program

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The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod has unveiled a new program that offers rewards to debit card users.

Through the MyCapeRewards program, cardholders can earn points for using their debit card on purchase transactions made with signature or PIN. Offering points for PIN-based purchases is unique for rewards programs.

“Consumers have discovered the ease and convenience of using debit cards for their daily lifestyle needs,” said Barbara Smith, Chief Banking and Strategy Officer for the bank. “We’ve found that our program offers great rewards, and our clients are eligible for gifts with as few as 100 points.”

Clients of the bank will receive an email alerting them that an account has been created for them or that points have been deposited into their account. They can choose to redeem their points right away or accrue their points and accumulate them toward a gift in a higher-point category. Multiple gifts are available in each point category, putting the gift choice directly into account holders’ hands.

MyCapeRewards also offers a platform to shop from favorite retailers to earn cash back on purchases. Clients can also choose to use their rewards for contributions for participating charities.

“Giving back to our customers and the communities we serve is of utmost importance at The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod,” said Lisa Oliver, Chair, President and CEO. “Through the MyRewards program, our clients can earn points that can be redeemed for everything from small gifts and services to gift cards and vacations. As a true community bank, we are proud to offer this loyalty program to our customers throughout the region.”

For more information on the MyRewards program, click here.