The Harwich Fund Awards $6,500 To Support Local Children

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The Harwich Fund of The Cape Cod Foundation recently awarded a total of $6,500 in grants to two nonprofit organizations supporting local children in the community.

The fund awarded a $1,500 grant to Harwich Elementary School to cover musical instrument rental fees.

“Fourth grade is the first opportunity for students to learn to play a musical instrument. They can take a free lesson every week during the school day,” said Principal Mary Oldach. “However, in the past, some families have not been able to afford the instrument rental fee which can cost as much as $300 a year. Now, with help from The Harwich Fund, more students than ever before will be able to participate in the program.”

The Friends of Harwich Youth received $5,000 for the Harwich Children’s Fund to support its 2021 Outerwear Drive Program. The funds will be used to purchase warm, winter coats and boots for about 100 Harwich students ages 5 to 18 in need of winter clothing.

Sheila House, a volunteer with the Harwich Children’s Fund, said, “The economic toll on families, as a result of the pandemic, continues to be devastating for many of our neighbors. No child should have to go without outerwear. We are so grateful for community supporters like The Harwich Fund. They are an invaluable asset to our all-volunteer group that helps Harwich families year-round.”

Photo Courtesy of The Harwich Fund
From left, Brian Scheld, chair of The Harwich Fund; Angelina Chilaka, president of The Harwich Children’s Fund; Ann Marie Dooley, vice president of the Harwich Children’s Fund; Sheila House, Harwich Youth and Family Services; Cheryl Barnes, member of The Harwich Fund Advisory Committee.

The Harwich Fund was established as a permanent endowment fund of The Cape Cod Foundation to provide resources for the Harwich community now and in perpetuity. To date, it has awarded more than $16,000 to nonprofits serving Harwich residents. Its motto, “Harwich Helping Harwich,” drives the nonprofit organization, supported entirely by donations, to identify and help meet the greatest needs within the community.

To donate to The Harwich Fund, visit or send a check payable to The Harwich Fund to The Cape Cod Foundation, 261 Whites Path, Unit 2, South Yarmouth, MA, 02664.